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Plan your success with OGSiD®. Build a track of your business processes and key performance indicators.

OGSiD® 10  helps you to achieve their business goals faster and ensures efficient and transparent processes for all divisions.

ogsid® erp module-concept

The short way to optimize your business processes. Start by having a flexible business solution!
The modular, business OGSiD structure allows virtually any functional expandability.

OGSiD® Business Pack

The complete ERP solution for mid-sized companies. All major commercial processes can be covered.

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OGSiD® Add-Ons

The complement your OGSiD® solution. Based on your business processes, the functionalities of the Business Pack can be extended specifically and individually. We offer a range of variable additional modules, which enable more precise cut implement specific desires.

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OGSiD® Upgrades

Modern software is expandable - Use optional expansion stages, which support your processes and facilitate your work.

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industry 4.0 solutions

In the age of industry 4.0 and the „Internet of the things (IoT)” manufacturing enterprises have to digitize their production planning: It must be intelligent, changeable, efficient and lasting.

The most modern information technologies and communication technologies are united with the classical industrial processes.

We offer a solid foundation for the use and operation of your industry 4.0 solutions.

  • Digitizing Your Processes
  • Continuous Availability of Data at the Right Time in the Right Place
  • Optimizing the Entire Value Chain
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Acquisition and Analysis of Production and Machine Data
  • Reduction of Malfunction Reasons
  • Full Integration with the OGSiD®ERP System

The OGSiD® MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solution connects in the production the data heads of fine planning and control, resource management, material management, and much more.

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ogsid® ssb solutions

OGSiD® SSB - Electronic Planning Board

The ideal tool for the electronic resource planning in your company.

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OGSiD® SSB - Machine Data Acquisition

The MDA has the task to tap the production volumes, duration and reasons for faults of the individual machines and prepare for machine-specific evaluations.

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OGSiD® SSB - Precast Calculation

The full-fledged and flexible PPS system for production planning and scheduling.

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OGSiD® SSB - Data Recording System

Tübbings' universal documentation tool for tunnel construction.

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